To God be the glory for the things which He hath done.

In March of 2005, Pastor Josiah Smith and Elect Lady Smith received a call from late Pastor Wren Smith and his wife, late Evangelist Maynel Smith, mother and stepfather of Pastor J. Smith.
Pastor Smith accepted the call and went to the home of Pastor Wren Smith for a meeting. He was then informed that the Lord would have him to assume the pastoralship of the church formally known as the Pikesville Church of God, which occupied the same space at 4002 W. Belvedere Avenue and was pastored by Wren Smith.

Pastor Josiah Smith paused for a moment, but then gladly accepted the Lordís assignment. During this time, he was attending Faith of the Lord Jesus Christ Apostolic, located in Harford Road, Baltimore, where the late Lewis Walker was the founder and Bishop. The Apostolic doctrine, of which baptism in Jesusí name and the infilling of the Holy Ghost are held in high importance, was not new to him because this is all he knew to teach and preach.

So, on April 3rd, 2005, with the Lordís leading, he began his pastoral ministry at 4002-A West Belvedere Avenue. He then changed the name of the church to The Hour of Prayer Apostolic Church and its Trinitarian teaching to Oneness.

He inaugurated his ministry by teaching from the book of Acts. Like Phillip the Evangelist, he preached Jesusóthat baptism and everything else must be done in the name of Jesus. This was a little strange to some of the members who were already there because they were baptized according to the titles mentioned in Matthew 28:19: Father, Son & Holy Ghost. Pastor Smith taught and explained to the saints that father in not a name, son is not a name, and the Holy Ghost is not a name. I am a father; I have a name. Whatís my name? Josiah Smith!

With such a life-changing and persuasive apostolic message, he was able to convince the members that baptism is Jesus name was right and essential. All the saints were then baptized in Jesus name.

Now that the word of the Lord was accepted and Pastor Smith was continuing the mission of the Lord, he needed spiritual direction from someone who has the same goal and determination, a leader who will stand up for nothing less than holiness, one who will not dilute the gospel, but stand up for the truth. The Lord led him to Bishop and Evangelist Lewis, presiding prelate and pastor of the Bethel United Church of Jesus Christ Apostolic, Inc. Pastor Smith conversed with Bishop Lewis, who welcomed him into affiliation with the Bethel United Church family and embarked on providing the leadership and direction Pastor Smith needed.

From then on, the hour of Prayer Apostolic Church excelled, fluctuating in size at times (gaining and losing souls). However, the church continues to grow in the power and anointing of the Holy Ghost, enduring hardships and tests like many others who labor for the Lord. It has grown from two leaders to 5 (2 missionaries, one minister, plus the Pastor and Elect Lady Smith).

One thing is exceptional and note-worthy: the Lord stood and continues to stand with us. We have seen the results of the hand of God working mightily in the lives of members and visitors alike. We have witnessed people receiving healing from cancer, eye problems (Cataract and others), swellings lasting for months being healed in hours, people walking with canes casting them aside and walking on their own, people even receiving healing from sexually transmitted viruses.

The church continues to be a light to the residents of Belvedere and its surrounding areas, feeding the hungry (sometimes 200 at a time), visiting the sick, praying for prisoners and witnessing the Lord releasing them, praying and claiming jobs for the unemployed, and preaching and teaching the effectual and unadulterated word of God.

Please continue to pray that the Lord open doors of utterance for us (according to Colossians 4:3), by stretching forth his hand to heal; and that signs and wonders may be done by the name of Godís holy child Jesus (Acts 4:30), that he may save and deliver the people to whom we witness.

Keep sweet in Jesus

God bless you

Schedule of Services
Sunday School: 10:00AM
Worship Service: 12:00 Noon
Evangelistic Service: 7:30PM
Bible Class: 7:30PM
Intercessory Prayer: 7:30PM
Healing & Deliverance Service: 7:30PM