What should I wear?

Come as you are in respectful attire. There is no required dress code for visitors. Wear whatever is comfortable for you and what you believe is acceptable in public. Just remember to show respect for the Lord.

We, however, have a dress code for members, who have been converted and received the right hand of fellowship. We expect members of the Hour of Prayer Apostolic Church to dress modestly as becometh saints (I Timothy 2:9).

Why our female Saints wear hats?
The Bible tells us that a woman’s hair is her glory, and that if she does not cover her hair while praying or prophesying, she dishonors her head—the man. We, therefore, require that our women cover their heads while in the house of God or while praying or prophesying. This discourse can be found in I Corinthians 11. The women may cover their heads with whatever attire they choose—be it hats, head ties or wraps.

Our men do not wear head-coverings in church or keep their hair long, why?
The same chapter of Corinthians, which addresses the issue regarding hair covering for women, also provides information on the attire for men. I Cor 11:14 tells us that if a man has long hair it is a shame unto him. Men are expected to cut their hair and to dress modestly, not in a manner to provoke the women or to seem seductive. The Bible states that a man ought not to cover his head, for he is the image and glory of God (I Cor 11:7).

Women in Hour of Prayer do not wear pants, why?
In the final book of the Pentateuch, Moses was instructed to tell the children of Israel that a woman should not wear that which pertaineth to a man. Neither should a man put on women’s garment. Many people may argue that some trousers were made for women and some for men or that the laws were abolished. The Hour of Prayer Church believes otherwise. Traditionally, women wear dresses or skirts and men wear trousers, except in the case of robes/gowns.

There should be a difference in dress patterns for both sexes. Similarity in dress for women and men can be blamed for some of the problems we have in the world today. We believe that the spirit of the Antichrist—Satan—is trying to change or eradicate traditional beliefs, such as marriage, dress codes and behaviors that are wholesome and will result in the blessings of God and prosperous lives, into that which is against the nature of God. When a man wears clothes pertaining to women, he entertains spirits of effeminacy, which will cause him to act in a feminine manner or to become a homosexual. The same is true for women—they may become lesbians. These behaviors are an abomination to the Lord. See Deu. 22:5, Leviticus 18:22, 20:13, and Rom. 1:27.